02 February 2013

More Storm Damage

The horrific weather we've experienced last week caused another bit of damage I never even realised. Yesterday, Energex, our power company, waltzed up, setting up barricades in the street in front of our house. One of the supervisors knocked on the door telling us we would lose electricity for an hour, just as I was in the middle of reading my on-line newspapers, as I do every day. OK! We switched off all 3 computers we run all the time and I grabbed one of those funny things with words in it, like we  used to do before computers. A Book! But as the action progressed, the blogger and I grabbed our cameras and started to snap away. We also had other action going on in the yard with tree loppers removing our fallen trees as you'll see on Diane's blog.

The broken cross bar at the power pole
The huge winds we had, not only knocked over trees having them crash onto our rotary clothes line, but it also snapped the cross bar at the power pole outside our house leaving the wires precariously dangling up there.

The power company arrives to fix the problem
Within no time, we had a fleet of vehicles blocking the street, including a huge cherry picker. Safety signs went up, the area of the power pole was cordened off and the men got ready for action.

The snapped cross bar hangs precariously up there

The linesmen are in the basket of the cherry picker getting ready for the fift.

The offending item is removed by the Energex technicians.

And a new steel cross bar is installed. This one should last a few years. As they promised, power was restored within the hour. I closed my book (for a read tonight in bed). Happily turned on my iMac and my MacBook and returned to my overseas newspapers.

All's well again in the street.

(Photos by Bill and Diane)


  1. Well you did very well and without any inconvenience to you at all, really.
    Next time, make sure all trees are stable.
    Thankfully here all rotten ones have been removed, except for the HQ's of our crow colony.
    Further you don't need to be a tree expert to see that the old gum tree is in decaying stages.
    God help the residents on either side of this damn tree, in some ones yard/home, if another storm comes. Utter madness that this tree is allowed to remain. Crow HQ's or not.
    Do you think that this tree is heritage listed??
    Great report Bill.

  2. Thanks for the photos I like to see photos like this rather see photos then experience it first hand.............also I couldn't do that type of work I am afraid of open heights and would pass out and fall out of the cherry

  3. My goodness, that was "Action" in your street ! You had a TV show life. What a disaster !

  4. Sounds like they took care of it pretty quickly. I've never seen a cross bar get snapped by a storm before.

  5. Bill, we can say we are lucky that we have such efficient helpers around to mend the damage.

  6. What? Only an hour with out power? That's got to be a record right? Usually thoes guys take all day to make repairs? They must have been busy!


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