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28 January 2013

If it Doesn't Rain, it Pours

For a few months now we have been complaining about the lack of rain here in Brisbane. Gardens were dying, Lawns were looking brown and shriveled and water tanks mainly empty. Everyone was hoping for rain. Well, it came with a vengeance, in the form of tropical cyclone Oswald that hit the north coast of Queensland and then made it’s way down the coast devastating coastal communities on the way with high winds and river floods.
Many homes destroyed (Picture Courier Mail)

It arrived in Brisbane on Australia Day washing out planned festivities and drenching the area with an abundance of rainfall. So much so, that the government decided to open the floodgates of our water dams to make room for the expected river water from the catchment areas.

On the way down the coast, ex cyclone Oswald caused seven tornados mainly in the Bundaberg area, wiping out dozens of homes and causing million dollar damages on land and on the seashore where boats were tossed about like match boxes.
A wet Noisy Miner bird took shelter under our balcony railing this morning
The worst is over for us as the low now moves into New South Wales on it’s way to Sydney.

We just inspected our garden and discovered one of our trees has taken out our Hill's Hoist, but nothing else, so we are pleased about that and feel sorry for the numerous people who’ve lost their homes, some of which had just been repaired or rebuilt after the last devastating floods in 2011.
One of our trees crashed into the washing line
Brisbane and Ipswich are expected to be flooded again tonight and tomorrow night with the amount of water coming down the rivers and a high tide at the same time. 


  1. I am happy to hear you didn't sustain too much damage but am so sorry for the people who did.

  2. Just awful ..... for it to happen again only two years after the last devastating floods...! My husband is a meteorologist and says that global warming is the culprit - melting ice, more water in the air = has to return to ground some time.

  3. Excellent summation Bill. Pity about the Hills hoist, maybe the offending tree should have been removed earlier? I don't think I would have been so hospitable to that Indian Mynah bird, any other feathered friend but not that species.
    Strange today - blue skies!!!
    I wonder where the trains (suburban) can go to and from today. I'll be checking with the Station Master before I get onto one today. Not keen on a repetition of yesterday's tour
    all over the place and then back - ha ha.


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