15 October 2012

Western Plains Zoo

We spent a most of the day yesterday at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. I've visited many zoos around the world and I am extremely impressed with this one. There are no visible fences between the animals and visitors and you can drive, cycle or walk through the entire zoo.

Here are some of my pics. I have taken mostly video footage which i will edit later on.

there were....

Meer Cats







And many many more. No doubt you'll see on Diane's blog soon......


  1. Great photos Bill
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of Dubbo??
    All is well here in Young - has warmed up.
    The saga of the shrub has been put at last (I hope) to rest - ha ha.

  2. LOVELY pix, Billy B.

    We too like the Open Plains zoos. Outside of Melbourne and halfway to Geelong is the Werribee Open Plains zoo.
    No driving about in private cars there. The rangers take the punters around in those big, battered looking buses-trucks straight out of a Kenya Big Game Park (or so they look) as the animals wander around.

    Six giraffes wandered across in front of us as the vehicle crawled along, and then stopped. We take the 3 eldest granddaughters there in summer school vacations, with 1 or 2 of the parents --- our family.
    There are also ostriches, all sorts of horned antelope-type creatures, hippos in a giant pool, three rhinos of whom 2 are males, camels and of course the ever-present meercats.
    Even tortoises in their own special enclosure. African wild dogs mooch around in a pack of 7 or 8 in their own enclosure. All the above mentioned, apart from the wild dogs and the big cats, roam around everywhere.

    The big cats are behind thick glass in another section of the park but have a huge free-range area. Space is no problem and the giraffes have their own huge "house" heated in the cold Victorian winter months.

    In comparison, when we took the same three girls to the Melb. Zoo earlier this month to hear the Melb. Symphony Orchestra play Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals, it was noticeable how differently the animals live. The giraffes' enclosure is earth and bare sticks. same for the baboons, the Malaysian tapirs live in a grim, little space and so on.

    Open plains zoos are the go!


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