01 July 2012

Hipstamatic Shots from Bondi Beach

I love taking photos with my iPhone using the Histamatic App. I find them interesting. Here are some shots taken since we've been helping out looking after the grand children:

Bondi Beach, the most famous beach in Australia but by no means the best.

I spotted that graffiti on a building the other day. Today, Australia has a new tax called the carbon tax.

'Wake up granddaddy.' Looking after grandkids can be tiring.

Fox loves watching Fireman Sam episodes on You Tube.

Bondi Beach afternoon

Fox on the Run

Moon Over Bondi Beach

Some swimmer padlocked his thongs onto the fence


  1. Really neat photos Bill. The favorites are you with those sweet grandsons of yours. Gregg's new toy is his IPhone and he enjoys taking photos with it, so I am going to have to tell him about this app.

    1. Yes Denise, he'll love it. It gives something extra to an ordinary photograph.


  2. Babysitting sure is enough to make a man fall asleep - do hope the 'little' man was also asleep. Do you want my critique on the photos or will I leave that to Colin?

  3. I thank you Ann for "inviting" me to give my "always" gracious opinion.
    First I have no idea of what this new fangled "Histamatic App." may be, but I prefer undoctored photos, not the ones that look as if they were taken with an old "brownie camera".
    Bondi Beach is certainly not the best or anywhere near the best beach in Australia. It just happens to be the most famous, courtesy of Tourism Australia.
    Carbon Tax, well, the jury is still out until the first bills arrive!!!
    Anyhow Whyalla and Gladestone did not disappear.
    Granddad or Grosvati seems to be VERY worn out. Seems he is not quite as young as he thought.
    As for the last photo, well I would think that everything would be tied down in Bondi. A paradise for thieves and crooks, the clever ones and the stupid ones.
    I now eagerly await the critique from Julie. Where are you Julie, or has this Bondi business driven you to drink?? ha ha.
    Weather report: The yellow thing is up there shinning down, crisp mornings, clothes lines are amass with washing and we are all getting over the flu and conjunctivitis! You can now safely come back.

  4. Good grief!!! I just just re-observed. The locked to the fence thongs are odd! Maybe they were stolen ones also. How strange????
    Maybe this was a trick photo from Grosvati to see if the viewers were observant???

  5. Ah Ann you are too modest. We must have another Swiss day at "Des Alpes", who cares if we move the Swiss National day a few weeks forward.
    See you and the gang of the "Birthday Bear Mob" and the ASOPA mob, when the tired grand parents eventually get back up here. I do love the entrees at that place. Something to look forward to. Over to you now, Grosvati.

  6. Oh golly ... it is too early for a swig of red, but how will I ever type this next sentence. I fear that I am going to agree with Colin on something. Bite my tongue! I am not enamoured of those apps that change images either. There, I have said it.

    I know lots of people are, but really, I mostly just want to see the scene. The most I go to is to make an image monochrome, and even then only to black & white. However, to each his own!

    The image here that strikes the most is the 'locked' thongs (Aussie thongs, not Yank thongs!). I do hope it is not the start of something like padlocks on Pont d'Arte. I can just see that appealing to the Bondi funny bone.

  7. Good morning Julie. You have just brightened my day - ha ha!
    Never too early for a little swig of the good variety of "red". That's
    right isn't it, Grosvati????
    I always thought thongs were thongs all over the World?
    I must pay more attention to footware when it warms up. Please
    refresh my memory about November.
    Cheers and "itty bitty" red swigs, eh?

  8. Yes, Colin you know about thongs and thongs! One type slips between ones toes and the other type slips between ones cheeks.

    I don't have a memory of November, so cannot remind you. Did I say something about November?

    Don't mind us, Grandaddy. Just have a sip of cough mixture and turn on the TdF ...

  9. Actually no. It is my duty to look at feet coverings in November, when toes are on display. I want to see if the thongs are the same on both feet. If not I will depending on the size of the wearer ask - "Why do you have different feet/footware."
    Cough mixture for William of the "Tell" family. Good God - never, it will be a bottle at least of a decent red! None of that "Vintage Carton" in the House of Herr Bohlen.
    Well he does come from the German speaking side of Switzerland, thus the Herr title. Must be the only country in the World that has 3 versions of Swiss - French, German and Italian. Please note in alphabetical order.
    Political correctness is the order of the day now.
    I hope Annj is impressed? Dear Grosvati is probably having convulsions with all this and will not be able to assist Diane in the garden duties.

  10. Wonderful collection of images, I smiled more than once! The tongue in cheek graffiti is great, the padlocked thongs unique.

    I don't covet an iPhone, but the Hipstamatic app I definitely do!


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