08 June 2012

Madonna Inn San Luis Obispo

Someone aked me if we had taken any photos of this fabulous motel in California. Chuck and Lois took us there for dinner upon our arrival in San Luis Obispo (more about that on Diane's Blog).

We didn't take our cameras, but I had my iPhone with me. The pictures of the rooms have been taken from the internet, as we were not able to go into the rooms, but I took the waterfall in the gents myself.

Madonna in is in San Luis Obispo CA.

Diane outside the Restaurant

Diane outside the Motel
 All the rooms at the Madonna Inn are based on a scheme and they are all different.
This is the RED room

This is the BLUE room

This is the CAVE room

Part of the Motel

The famous waterfall in the Gents Bathroom


  1. I did pop over to see the waterfall in the gents room. It would help to get the action going wouldn't it. Some of the rooms remind me of a place - not a motel - I visited in Kalgoorlie.

  2. William!
    Looks great - the so-called rock star would be so happy. I refer, of course, to that Madonna, not the one of Christendom!
    Now exactly in the one photo of GREAT interest, WHERE do you point your "Percy" at?
    At the shell shaped things, the walls or just where? Very confusing if you are in desperate needs!
    And more to the point of where your "Percy" goes, what it that red box thing on the walls! A camera?????
    I look forward to the suggestions of Julie of Sydney town. Hopefully Julie will not have to take a tablet for nerves, a tranquiller maybe, before her reply.
    The whole establishment looks like it reeks of, well something! I wonder how many lttle escapades were made here?
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Now off to bed in wonderment of all these photographs.
    Very shall we say - INFORMATIVE!
    Colin (HB)

    1. The shells are the wash basins. You stand o the grill/grate between the electronic beam which flushes the waterfall. You point percy at the bottom of the waterfall . There are two side rock walls which prevent you from seeing the bottom of the waterfall in this photo.

  3. amazing, i love the building and all the rooms and would choose the cave to stay in. thanks for the waterfall, i came over from Diane to see it. great post

  4. Good grief! You might get an electric shock! I think I would be holding on and crossing my legs - ha ha!
    Cheers and outches

  5. What an amazing and fascinating place! I love the inn sign...and those coloured rooms are quite something! I love your photos. Thank you so much for sharing!


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