24 May 2012

Napa Valley Wine Train

One of the reasons, we came here after our stint baby-sitting in Los Angeles, was to take a ride on this famous train. It was a fabulous experience. The train leaves Sonoma and runs up the valley for about 4 hours during which time you get to sample the local wines and have a fabulous gourmet lunch in the restored Pullman carriages.

The Observation Car for our Tour Group

The other Blogger enjoys a glass of Napa Valley Cabarnet.

Two glasses for the 'happy chappie'
A great gourmet lunch is served in the dining car


  1. Great shots William.
    Seems that your travelling companions are not like us here! Diane has one glass, her lady companion has none! Then you with two glasses, you show off!
    The dining car tables - all drinking water with a lemon slice. Where is the wine?
    I am pretty sure that you don't drink white wine with a slice of lemon.
    Strange indeed to be on a train to the wine growing area of California, and Prohibition is STILL the US "order of the day" for your "Yankie" mates.
    Anyhow all the more for you two - ha ha!
    Have you been game to take a shower yet?
    Just make sure the room is locked - "Mrs. Norman Bates" may be lurking around with that bloody knife.
    Colin (HB)

  2. I just catched up on your blog to follow your adventures ! Looks like a wonderful trip and a very special train. We were in the Universal Studio in the 90th, of course it has changed a bit, but Norman Bates house etc. still seems to be there. I was also busy with babysitting and then a weekend with son and grandson, now I have more time to read blogs. Greatings to Diane !

    1. You got there something Colin, You can see in the second picture that everyone had 4 glasses of wine in front of them (2 whites, 2 reds), that's where we did the sampling. I'm afraid by the time we got to the dining room everyone was 'wined out'. This was the 3rd day of wine tasting. Last night I had a beer.

      Today we're actually blending our own wines, designing labels and come up with a marketing concept. Maybe Donald Trump will be there to judge us, who knows.

  3. What is that condition 'wined out'? Never heard of it!!

  4. Noted William! However in the photo mentioned, they all appear to be scenery watching or playing with their mobiles ( cell phones).
    "Wined out eh!" - please William reply to Julie who has used a squiggly thingy with a dot underneath. Touche Colin, gotcha Julie!
    Weather report: 7.40am Friday 25th. Umbrella weather, miserable drizzle.

  5. Colin look carefully at the first shot of the lounge car. Everyone had 2 white wines and 2 red wines to taste before we got to the dining car.

  6. Now that's a train ride I would have enjoyed taking Bill.

  7. Hah, I have just found a steam train journey of 4 days at the end of August that I am contemplating. It fits in with my carer responsibilities, too.

  8. Wow, these photos! I would have enjoyed a train ride like this. Thanks so much for sharing.


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