25 April 2012

Second Day in L.A.

I must admit we don't suffer at all from jet lag which is very good.

Bernie was starting filming at the studio so Grandma and Granddad took Fox to The Grove. But first we went to the local park on the way for a little play and a run around, and I can tell you this little man can run. We had a job catching up with him but somehow managed.

 They have some great children's playgrounds here in Hollywood full of Spanish nannies looking after toddlers. Fox just loves this place.
Maybe he is a budding mathematician, playing with this abacus.

At the Grove they have this old tram, mainly for tourists but very authentic. They call them 'trolleys' here. This one just runs up and down the length of The Grove. We walked past the Apple Store without entering, how about that?

A little side street at The Grove. It looks very European. There is also a large market at the end of The Grove and I was looking forward for my coffee. I remember last time we were here we couldn't get a drinkable coffee at the markets. But I discovered a coffee shop called The Coffee and Tea Leaf in one of the side streets that serves an excellent chocolate milk latte. I must remember that.
Then we spotted this little gem. I was very tempted to have my thongs (flip-flops) cleaned. Kidding I was wearing sneakers.

On the way home, our little man was very tired and we didn't want him to fall asleep in the pram, so we went through the park again and let him have another run. 


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  2. Hi Bill and Diane, you have very much fun with little Fox....he's so very cute! The playground looks interesting...have more fun...cheers Marianne (with the IPad is writing many mistakes...)

  3. The Grove looks great. And Fox is such a little citie!! Sonya and Bernie should put him to work in the movies!


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