18 April 2012

Alexander Clark Park

The Blogger dragged me out of bed again this morning as the rain had stopped. So off we trundled down to Loganholme to find the Alexander Clark Park for a pleasant walk. I must admit, I enjoyed it.

The Logan City Council has done a great job laying out this park on the Logan River

There are pontoons to tie up boats

There is a peddle railway where you can cycle around a large track

This lovely tree caught my eye. If I was younger, I would climb up
All pictures taken with my iPhone, the first and last one with Hipstamatic App.


  1. Hopefully you will get back to walking regularly and enjoy it.

  2. William ( TOH )!
    I suspect a hidden agenda is here somewhere by "YKW"!!!
    Check Mrs. TOH's study and see if there are somewhere hidden, adventure brochures like "Trekking in the Andes"!!!!
    Something is definitely "afoot" - maybe not the best term to use. ha ha.
    Hmmmmmm! Indeed very fishy.
    Fitness Fanatic Colin (HB)


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