Fort Lytton

18 February 2012

Redcliffe Peninsula

We've just been to Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula with our friends. No doubt you'll read more on Diane's blog, later.

Yesterday morning, Diane and I walked along the coastline for a short stroll before breakfast. I now know why the Peninsula is called Redcliffe.


  1. It was a lovely walk along the bayside.

  2. Bill, this is really a beautiful area. The stairs go right in to the water, can one actually swim there?

    1. I think so Trudi, It's into Moreton Bay, not sure how clean it would be though. I certain;y wouldn't swim in there. Cheers,

  3. The swimming is fine! About 100m behind where the photo is taken is Scarborough Beach which is a very popular swimming spot with families. No issues with the water except for the weeks following the Brisbane floods.

    Best spot in the world!! :-)


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