02 January 2012

Änis Chräbelis - Swiss Aniseed Cookies

I know I shouldn't eat cookies, trying to control my weight but, hey, it was Christmas and I missed a few cookies, especially aniseed ones, so I googled a recipe and found one on a Swiss cooking site, so I set about making some of those delicious cookies and in all modesty I can say they were a success, especially with Diane, Carol and David.

After I made the dough and let it stand overnight as per instructions, I made rolls about 15mm in diameter.

Being Swiss, I used a rouler to cut pieces 70mm long

Again as per instructions I cut slots in the rolls

Shaped them into the right shapes

And placed them into the oven for baking.

I would love to show you the final product, but we ate them, sorry. But they were delicious.


  1. Swiss precision - what else would viewers expect????
    Pity the 4 of your were starving and nobody saw the end result! I guess the diet was in place and now it ended rather abruptly???
    I look forward to a sample, one of these days - I am NOT on a diet?
    I may look large but it is the rotund ageing process so I have been told, and I am sticking to this theory. End of subject on that!
    PS: Next time at least show the viewers the end result and don't gobble so fast!

  2. The end result is my fat tummy. They were delicious.

  3. Du chasch scho säge uf mim Blog, dass es dir z chalt usgseht mit sovüu Schnee, du hesch summer.
    Hei, toll as di gmäldet hesch.
    I wünsch dr e schöne Sunntig.
    Liäbi Grüess us dr Schwiiz, gnauer us em Baselbiet.
    P.S. Si d'Chräbeli guet?

  4. yummy yummy yummy I feel love in my tummy :)


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