03 November 2011

Pichi Richi Railway "The Afghan Express"

In Port Augusta S.A. recently, we jumped onto the Afghan Express to Quorn and back. It's a historic Steam Train trip, most enjoyable. I made a little video of the trip:

I love steam trains. This coming Sunday we are taking another steam train ride from Brisbane Roma Street station to an unknown destination but end up back at Roma Street.


  1. Ha ha - very good Mr "(ahem) Fat Controller" - not politically correct I believe these days!
    And anyhow you are not fat yet!
    Loved the attitude to detail of the railway people - coupling of carriages, flags prominent - almost like bringing a A380 into an air gate!
    I must carefully observe if QR staff are as thorough on Sunday as I strut along the platform in my "Yellow Mellow" attire prior to embarking on the mystery trip.
    Colin (HB)

  2. That was so good Bill, it was as if I was there. Ann J

  3. Thanks for a lovely video Bill - I got to see the day from the footplate, small world isn't it! Hope our "uniform" of white ties and black shirts suitably impressed, not too many steam loco crews outside of NZ and SA do that these days!



  4. Thanks Dave for the comment. I am very pleased that the engine driver himself logged on to my blog. I must say, you did a great job driving this wonderful train. I'll have to come back one day to film the train from the outside.

    Cheers, Dave,

    Bill (wilbo43)

  5. Yes, I like the attention to detail to make the journey as authentic as possible. Hope the trip today is as good and as memorable.


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