21 September 2011

The Mining Town of Kalgoorly

This morning we are driving through the wheatbelt to Coolgardie for a vosot to the Gold Museum, then on to the mining town of Kalgoorlie.


  1. Bill
    Just a "polite" thought???
    I have been told that one of the tours available in Kalgoorlie is of the old brothels that were abundant in the old mining days. One or two of them is supposedly open for "inspection", you can take Diane - I have been informed that you will not witness any "live shows" - ha ha!
    Make sure you get the correct ones, some are still doing a trade and we can't have you and Diane in the wrong one - ha ha!
    Could prove an embarrassment?????

  2. *grin* that naughty Colin ...egging Bill on like that!

    I thought this was going to be a wildflower tour, but youse are heading the wrong way! You fly all the way to Perth, only to get on bus and drive half way back to Kalgoorlie.

    mmm ... interesting ...

  3. Julie
    Precisely my thoughts also re: wildflowers.
    I would think the only variety around Kalgoorlie would be possibly "Patersons Curse"!
    Still in certain parts of Kalgoorlie, I should think plastic flowers may decorate some boudoirs, shall we presume????
    No doubt Diane when she returns to her blog, will display the delightful sights of the wildflowers of Kalgoorlie! I await in great anticipation.
    Colin (HB)

  4. Had to look up where and what it was ! Interesting !


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