25 September 2011

Margaret River

Margaret River, south of Perth is a terrific wine region. We have been there before. But today we again visit Margaret River and I am looking forward to see the region again.

Margaret River Winery


  1. Now I just wonder why the Margaret River intrigues and beckons you and Diane so much??? Could it be those vine things growing along the wire strips? or the aromas? or what you can purchase in bottles?????
    Wait a minute - it is all three, isn't it?
    Silly me for getting all muddled up!!! Excited anticipation of course!!!!
    I guess there will be a rather large parcel or boxes awaiting you when you return home - just hope and pray Australian freight post is careful!!!!
    I offer my assistance for whatever when you return - unpacking or little sipples???
    Most cordially yours under these circumstances of course.
    Colin IHB)

  2. Sounds like a great time, visiting the wineries and tasting all the samples. I hope you and Diane are having a wonderful trip.

  3. Vineyards are delightful places to visit. I just like to listen to the growers (vignerons?) waxing lyrical about terroir.

  4. BILL: you must have noticed the powerful winds at Esperance.
    WA-based ex-chalkie Kevin Lock who like us spent a fair, few years in PNG (see Lock Family Ramblings website) was there this week with his bro. They were visiting their sister.
    Lockie says the farms around Esperance have large NZ-style windrows of gum trees to break up the gusts of wind.
    Not surprisingly Esperance obtains 22-25% of its energy needs from wind farms !!



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