23 September 2011


This morning we drive to Albany

Albany Western Australia


  1. Yikes - Bill you have just had me madly searching for pencil/pen framed sketches that the mother of a friend gave me. The mother lived in Albany and delighted in paintings - not too bad either! Well, I only can locate one sketch on my entry wall - the Anglican Church! As for the Catholic Church and the Town Hall???? I must have given them away! Bugger!
    Albany is, I have been told, a very picturesque and progressive little "city". The culinary delights are pretty good also.
    Besides whales, you may be fortunate enough to see some "Great Whites" - don't try to pat them - ha ha!
    Have fun for the two days "rest" in Albany.
    Colin (HB)

  2. Bill
    That building with the clock - that looks like the Town Hall?????? ( Which I once had on a wall here!) It was that photo that reminded me of "what I once had"!!!
    Colin (HB)

  3. You both sick of being on that bus yet? You surely are chewing up the miles!


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