01 July 2011


We begin the day with a city sightseeing tour of the bustling downtown area as well as the many beautiful parks and gardens and residential neighbourhoods.

Then we head out to the fabulous 'Mall of America', the largest shopping centre in the USA, featuring more than 400 speciality stores as well as several large retailers.

Tonight we go aboard a paddle wheeler on the Mississsipi River for a dinner cruise.

Mississipi Paddle Wheeler


  1. And I trust a rousing rendition of "Ole Man River"??????
    Hope you didn't get lost in "the Mall of America" - my sister and I managed to lose each other! Cheryl 8 and 1/2 months pregnant!
    Well over an hour pf searching - it was not the friendliest of reunions, as to who lost who!!! Ha ha! At the time it was NOT funny.
    Colin (HB)

  2. BB & Diane

    Thank you - Yosemite arrived.
    Great photos and I am so pleased that
    the family reunions were fantastic.
    Yep, have been told that San Diego is a great
    Colin (HB)

  3. We've actually just arrived in Minneapolis a couple of hours ago and had a fabulous meal at the hotel we're staying in. Includig a nice glass of Shiraz. Everyone is happy again.

    For some reason all my posts are published Australia time but we of course here a re a day behind so when you see a new post, just realise this doesen't happen until the next day.

    So far the trip has been great, sorry Richard, no time for museums or galleries,we've seen enough of those over the years, especially in Europe. But we did go and see Billy Elliot on Broadway. We just go with the flow and see what Cosmos has organised for us including today in Wisconsin-Dells (Kitchville) a trip on the river and tomorrow a 4-hour shopping spree in the Mall of America, then a dinner trip on the Mississippi River.

    Sorry have to log on Anonymously I'm in the hotel lobby


  4. Ah ha!
    So one day behind here with the itinerary - gotcha!
    Just looked at the Normandy Inn website, certainly central to everything, including the "Mall of America".
    Make sure you and Diane have handcuffs on for the 4 hour shopping spree! Can't have you getting lost!
    The dinning room and facilities look great at this establishment. Good choice by Cosmos!
    Colin (HB)

  5. Oh I would love to go on a paddle wheeler love the photo of it must be having a great time...

  6. Don't spend all our inheritance at the Mall Dad!!

  7. Sorry Colin, not very impressed with Minneapolis, looks like the recession has hit, lots of empty buildings with For Sale signs, but there are some magnificent homes in St Paul. The Mall of America is very tacky but we bought a few pairs of shoes, cheap. We're just about to go for dinner on a paddle steamer on the Mississipi, maybe I'll bump into Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer, ah, no, that's further down, isn't?

  8. I forgot to mention that the news here in Minneapolis today is that the state of Minnesota has run out of money and public servants are out of a job. Nobody here knows what's going to happen. I guess the Federal Government will have to step in.


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