27 June 2011

Niagara Falls to Detroit

This morning we board the Maid of the Mist for amazing close-ups of the falls. We've been to the falls before in 1970 but never went on the boat, so this time we won't miss the chance.

The Maid of the Mist

Then we travel the Niagara Parkway along scenic countryside on the way to Detroit


  1. The first time I went to the Falls I didn't go on the boat ride either, but was determined on my second visit several years back. It was a great emory!

  2. I enjoyed the falls and the boatride Great photos.

  3. The tour on that boat close to the falls would be most interesting - I am sure you enjoyed the experience, hopefully the weather was good?
    As for Detroit, the US motor capital, well, seems from what I have read, is now a city in decay. Such a shame for a city with so much history attached.
    Colin (HB)

  4. we have been there in the 90th remember that we got quiet wet, lol !
    I am back from Istanbul where it was wonderful and will catch up on your trip !

  5. Wow!! niagra falls are on my bucket list!! Hope it's as amazing as it looks! Have fun.

  6. OK I must admit I did not go on the.Maid Of the Mist, but stayed adore filming them getting on and off. Diane liked it. I went and explored this crazy town, and crazy it is.

  7. Colin is right. Detroit is one of the poorest towns in the US. But the pub we're staying at is one of the best we've experienced. AND FREE INTERNET. We bought an iPad in LA to put up posts on this blog only to find out that you can't put up photos with an iPad even though we informed the
    Apple sales person that's what we wanted it for.

  8. Oh boy, that's frustrating! Have you searched YouTube? Often people upload little tutorials of how to get around things like that. Or can you upload photos to Facebook? And post a link from the blog?


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