21 June 2011

Los Angeles - New York

After a great time with Sonya, Bernie and little Fox, it's time to fly to the Big Apple, so New York, here we come.

Qantas Flight QF107 from Los Angeles to New York


  1. Ah! you're a couple of jet-setters - enjoy New York!

  2. Who would have thought Qantas would have a flight from LAX to New York? Love the tail of the Qantas jet. Have fun in the Big Apple.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Wow you are jetting all over the place

  4. Hi to you both, now I presume in the "Big Apple"?
    Lucky you left before a Chilean volcano decided to erupt! Now the ash via the Atlantic, Indian, Southern oceans, today, for the SECOND time around, has grounded all flights from Perth, Adelaide,Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. According to the news, 130,000 people are now stranded!
    Hopefully for you, the Iceland one or the one in Washington State, doesn't try the same stunt, otherwise you may have to take out US citizenship! Then again Bill, you'll have a great opportunity to sample "SP", that is the Pacific brew, of course??????

  5. Kay of Alberta

    Qantas, Pan-Am ( now defunct) and KLM were to the best of my knowledge the only three airlines that in the 1960's/70's and maybe, before and later flew RTW flights. Nowdays KLM and Qantas do it with partner airlines. Qantas had flights from SFO and LAX to NYC for many years, but then sided with American Airlines for flights from LAX, after they decided to dump SFO. RTW flights be one airline are no longer feasible due to probited costings, so thus the alliances between partner airlines.

  6. We are about to leave for LAX to fly to NY, that is if our plane was able to leave SYD for LA.

  7. Flights to and from Syd stopped tomorrow! hope you get your flight to the big apple!! we live NYC!! Have fun xxx

  8. Have a great time in NY. Hope you get to see a Broadway show.

  9. Bill/Diane

    The International flight websites of Brisbane and Sydney are still showing no flights, but expected to clear up later today. The problem appears that the volanic ash is at the same level above ground/sea as the flight paths.
    Anyhow, Qantas will get you from LAX to JFK using their code-share partner, American Airlines. So you should have no worries.
    Cheers (???)

  10. No worries, Colin, Qantas didn't let us down. The flying Kangaroo got us to the Big Apple without any worries. I can tell you, though we are not alone. There are a few more tourists here.

  11. Good to know that you have arrived as expected.
    I suppose with grounded flights stuck at LAX, QF is best to use them for flights to JFK.
    Seems the Australian swimming team, and other sports people, and heaps of tourists are stuck in LAX. Pacific flights are out of the question at present.
    To make matters worse for air travellers, the volcanic ash is expected to come around again.
    Lucky you got out when you did.
    Maybe the QF flights stranded at LAX, could be leased to various US carriers, might as well use them for publicity sake - ha ha!
    Get John Travolta to captain one of them!!!!
    Colin (HB)

  12. COL Huggibear is quite right, Kay.
    Lots of airlines do load sharing for around-the-world travellers.

    We booked with FinnAir for an ATW jaunt in late 2009. Qantas took us Melb-Sydney-San Fran, then American Airlines San. Francisco-NYC.
    FinnAir kicked in for NYC to Helsinki and Helsinki-London. Qantas again for London-Singapore and Singapore-Melbourne on the 2 return legs.

    Bill and Diane: enjoy New York. It's rated No. 1 in the world in Time Out's big coffee table book "The World's Greatest Cities". London 2nd, Paris 3rd, Berlin 4th.

    Sydney, incidentally eq. 8th with Istanbul while Melbourne rated eq. 18th with Stockholm and one other.

    We love NYC --- by that we mean Manhattan, of course. It's Judyth's favourite city, by a mile.
    So much to see ---- museums [Guggenheim/MoMA/Fricke/Metropolitan Museum of Art]/city views from the skyscrapers/Statue of Liberty island and the adjacent Immigration island/Ground Zero/Central Park/Grand Central Station/walk across and back on Brooklyn Bridge ..... the list is endless.


  13. I totally agree with Richard, New York is something else. Like no other city we have ever visited. In 1970 when we were her we hated the place and couldn't get out fast enough but we had a couple of very bad experiences which caused us to spit the dummy.
    Now I love the place. Not sure about her. We just had a fabulous meal in 36th Street. Tomorrow we go on a harbor cruise and hopefully to see The Book of Mormon if we can get tickets.


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