29 June 2011


We have a morning tour of the 'Windy City', Chicago. In the afternoon we'll take a cruise on Lake Mitchigan and through the locks of the Chicago River.

Tonight, we'll go up the Sears Tower, one of the world's tallest buildings for some spectacular views.



  1. You sure seem to be having a comprehensive trip! Good for you!
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Hi BB and Diane
    Good to know that you survived Detroit. I guess that the motor giants of Germany, Japan and South Korea, can take some of the blame!
    Watch out for verions of Al Capone in the windy city. Isn't Chicago the HQ of Rotary?
    Are you still a member, of have I got you muddled up with someone else?
    Really looking forward to the 30th post - MSP?
    I really loved MSP - great shopping, great theatres and the best food places in the USA -the Scandanavian influence.

  3. Now that sounds like a lovely day set out.

  4. We are still in Chicago tomorrow and stay for another night before traveling to Minneapolis. Tonight we walked a long way down to the Navy Pier for dinner. I loved my hot dog but Diane was not so pleased with her spinach turkey wrap. I think she is looking foreword to a real meal.

    BTW. we stopped for lunch in a 'All You Can Eat' place somewhere on the way between Detroit and Chicago, a very strange experience. We are coming to the conclusion that we are five-star travelers and like proper meals.

  5. Bill & Diane

    MSP - next, unless things have changed dramatically in the epicurean culture, you will enjoy food here, and not in Bulk proportions. They, Minnesotians, have similar restaurants to here, where it is very much like at the upstairs Thyme 2, Sofitel in Brisbane, you help yourself to what you want, and then go back for other food plates.
    Bon Appetit!
    Colin (HB)

  6. Lovely view of Chicago. You are making your way thru these cities quickly. Do you have a favorite city or place yet? Sorry, the food is not agreeing with you. I hope you find something good soon.


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