02 February 2011

This is a picture of Wavenhoe Dam, Brisbane's main water storage dam, in January, showing just how close we came to a much larger disaster.

In comparison to May 2007 when Lake Wavenhoe looked like this
This tree trunk is usually under 8m of water


  1. I agree that's a damn lot of dam water. Let's hope that it doesn't fill like that again + more, or we will be in deep ......... Ann J

  2. Let us hope that some sanity is used and that this water is gradually released into the river system, which means the Brisbane River.
    With more rain and flooding coming courtesy (??) of "Yasi" - the water may go over the top, or crack the walls!
    You don't require Einstien brains to work out the result then!
    THE WATER MUST BE CAREFULLY RELEASED! End of story or end of Brisbane!
    Colin (HB)

  3. Amazing isn't it!
    Now lets hope sanity prevails and water is controlled & released, as more will be following after "Yasi"!
    As discussed today in the Friday "Mad house" of middle range office workers, technocrats and bureaucrats! Never again Friday at the Harlequin Club, Sofitel for lunch - my ear drums, I am sure have been ruptured!


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