05 February 2011

The first pictures emerging from TC Yasi

Pictures are now emerging from the cyclone ravished areas in North Queensland. When Yasi hit, it hit big.  The worst-affected areas included Mission Beach, Cardwell, Tully, Innisfail and Silkwood.  Hundreds of thousands of homes lost power, hundreds lost roofs or sustained other heavy damage.

And there was the human toll.  One man has been confirmed deadNow, as far north Queensland begins its long road to recovery and as a weakened Yasi continues its march inland, the reconstruction will begin. Here are some pictures I recorded from the TV.


  1. HORRIFIC - Bill.
    Well done - I hope many people see this BLOG.
    Colin (HB)

  2. Bill, thanks for posting the video. I have been wondering how it went..everything here seems to be about Egypt with just small blurbs about the Cyclone there. I have a couple of blogs I read that seem to have taken a hit as they haven't updated and were in the path of the storm. I'm so sorry about all the destruction. Heard this evening about Melbourne flooding.
    Take care...blessings!

  3. all tidied up? I hope this is the end of the cyclone.


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