05 December 2010

What is it?

It's getting closer


  1. I'd say it's a little push along cart for of those that has blocks in it....

  2. Good God BB!!
    It sure is a small Noah's "Fox's" Ark!
    Couldn't you be a bit more generous with space? What if he wants to take his toys along? And what about his Grand Piano!!!
    C'mon open up the purse strings of those Swiss bank accounts - shame on thee!!!
    I will discuss this issue with Mr. Eccles at noon, when he reviews the "progress"!
    Colin (HB)
    ps: no cheers this time!

  3. Elizabeth, well done, You Got It. It'll be a push cart full of blocks for Master Fox.

  4. Humph! Mr. Eccles and I are not amused!
    A "push cart" !!!!! With this present weather maybe it should be a push boat?
    Well, as second placed I congratulate, Elizabeth and wish her well with her prize of a 2004 Chateauneuf du Pape and I will accept my prize of second place with a 2008 vintage.
    I hope that young Master Fox enjoys pushing his cart all over the place and I hope that he remembers to put his blocks back in after he has terrified the household with blocks all over the place???????
    Cordially yours
    On behalf of Mr.Eccles and myself
    Colin (HB) - sob sob!

  5. Fox will love it, my Grandson had one and loved it - he is now three years old and although the actual push cart has been passed on to a cousin he still has the blocks and plays with them constantly....


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