28 November 2010

Sonya and Bernie are getting married

Sonya and Bernie are getting married in December. Of course Bernie's celebrity status attracted the celebrity mags. OK! Magazine picked up the story and ran with it. Marry ME screamed the headline. Fox took it all in his stride.

(Click twice on the pictures to enlarge to read)

We're flying south on Boxing Day to the event, together with Carol-Ann and David. In January, the newly-weds fly to Los Angeles for Bernie'a auditions. A bit sad for us but if they decide to stay, we'll have a new holiday destination for next year.


  1. Excellent news - they have done you proud.
    Please convey my best wishes to the two of them and best of luck to Bernie in LAX.
    Colin (HB)

  2. That news makes me very happy. Now I need a new dress.

  3. How wonderful! You know, LA isn't too far from me. Six hours max. I could show them Arizona. :)

  4. That's lovely news Bill - and great photos of them looking so happy.

  5. Curious as I am I followed Diane's link to your blog to see the pictures ! How nice !
    I suppose my son and partner now that they also have a baby will do the same a little later.
    Unfortunately I couldn't read the text it was not clear enough on my computer.

  6. They are a beautiful couple/ trio! They will fit right in with the beautiful people in LA

  7. Thanks for sharing the article. You are in for a great time at the wedding!

  8. Gattina, if you click on the picture it will enlarge, then click a second time and it will get big enough to read the text.

  9. Thanks Bill, I did what you told me and could read the whole article ! You must both be very proud ! Funny that they had been in Brighton, I spent each year a week near there in Eastbourne !


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