07 April 2010

Clem 7 Cross-city Tunnel

A few weeks ago, our city cross-tunnel opened. It runs between the southern suburb of Woolloongabba and the northern suburb of Herston, a distance of about 7 km (4.35 Miles). The tunnel is named after Clem Jones, one of Brisbane's longest serving Lord Mayors. The tunnel avoids  24 sets of traffic lights and speeds up the journey dramatically, but it is a toll road and users pay at the moment $2.95 and later on this year the toll will rise to $4.28.

Southern entrance from the Pacific Motorway at Woolloongabba

Traveling south to north under the city and Brisbane River

Northern entrance from Lutwyche Road Windsor

One of the giant exhaust stacks ventilating the tunnel

To see detailed maps of the tunnel - CLICK HERE


  1. Thank you so much!! I got a little panic attack looking at all that traffic, but then I realized I wasn't driving.


  2. You would think that something being constructed that is this big would have made the news in America, but I never heard of it before.

  3. Abraham.

    If the Brisbane City Council could have paid the price for "Tiger Woods" to drive through this tunnel, it would have been on all news bulletins!

  4. I have never used our cross city tunnel in Sydney like tens of thousands of other drivers.The whole thing is a rip off and I've found if I leave 15 minutes earlier, I get to my destination on time without using it. The only time I DID use it, was as a passenger.

    This link tells the story.


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