27 April 2010

Antique Menagerie

In 1969 while visiting Switzerland, my mother introduced us to a friend of hers. This lady was very old and she invited us to her place for a meal because she wanted a chance to talk English. She had these carved farm figures which she inherited from her mother who had them since she was a child, so I guess they would have been carved ca 1820.

Diane commented how beautiful they were. A few days before we left for Australia again, the lady called with a plastic bag and insisted we have them, since she didn't have any children herself. We were thrilled and have taken care of them ever since.

A set of milking cows

The farmer and his dog

Of course some pigs

and some chickens


  1. I love those. What a cool story.

  2. What a delightful story! I'm glad you got to have them!


  3. They're adorable - reminds me of when I was a kid and Kelloggs Cornflakes gave away all sorts of little farm animals in the cereal packets. I loved collecting them.

  4. PS You use the same Blogger template as me - how did you make the middle bit wider? It looks better that way and has more room for pictures.

  5. Bill

    What are you doing with Roger Federer's cow herd?
    It's no wonder his tennis is suffering - you have his cow herd! Give them back or I'll tell him!
    Good heavens I had forgotten about the plastic animals that you got in the Kelloggs Cornflakes packages. Generally caused a "minor" war in our household as to who got the animal!

    Colin (HB)

  6. I love them too!!! Can I 'bags' them in the will?


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