09 January 2010

Switzerland from a Train

I have new titling software for my Casablanca-KRON digital editing machine. So to try it out, I re-edited the Swiss leg of our last European trip. At the same time, I found a couple of LPs of the Swiss Radio Light Orchestra from my old radio days, which my mate Paul converted to CDs.

In part 1 you'll see me and my old school mate, Roland, pretending to ring the bells in the Thun church, something we did every Sunday morning in high school. Today, the bells are automatic.

Here is part 1:

About 4 minutes into part 2, we're actually traveling in Italy, on the Centovally train back into Locarno in Switzerland, on a narrow-gauge train through a great valley.

And here is part 2:


  1. Thank you for the wonderful trip to Europe. I won't ever go in person so this was a great second best! Your choice of music to accompany the films was excellent. Thank you!

  2. Well done! Music is great. The holiday was super.Great trains in Switzerland

  3. so fun to watch! thank you for sharing.

  4. D'Schwiiz isch halt doch es schöns Ländly.

  5. Since my little children and I only passed Zurich for the airport in coming back home here in Australia, I did not have any chance seeing Switzerland at all. So I treasure whatever view was left in my memory as there was no way of taking a pictures inside a running vehicle. So this is very much a treat to me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Zurich: OH WHAT MEMORIES!

    Refresh my memory when we next dine! I remember it so well - that is the main railway station and the front of it only. It turned out that when I meet Stokes, my mate in Salzbug,Austria,( my room at the Inn in Salzburg where I meet Stokes and two female fellow backpackers in the restaurant trying to read the German menu, had a bathroom - they in their rooms had no bathroom! - they all 3, did their washing using my bathroom, my room being considerably larger ended up looking like a Chinese laundry - washing of all types drapped everywhere - bras and knickers everywhere) , Stokes,who came from North Carolina, USA was told by his mother to contact friends in Zurich. Well, as you know Bill, hardly long distance phone calls in Switzerland - where we were supposed to be accommodated was in Lausanne! Zurich ain't Lausanne so back onto another train. Thank God Swiss rail runs a good system.
    It was a "one of those things" - I have never let him forget. Even brought the subject up as "Best Man" at his wedding in Atlanta, years later! Aaah yes - funny things happen when travelling the World! Zurich was a standout!


  7. Gorgeous country. I wish I could see it. And by train! Or walking. I don't care.


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