17 January 2010

The Mary Valley Rattler is back

Reading in the Courier Mail last Thursday, I am glad to find out that the popular Tourist Steam Train is back in service on Sundays, between Gympie and Imbil. The steam locomotive was replaced with a diesel engine due to the extreme fire dangers in this dry part of the country, which proved somewhat unpopular with the tourists and bookings were down considerably. But with the recent rainfall we had, the train is back to steam.

We have done the trip a couple of times, usually when we have overseas visitors. Such an occasion was when English friends Ian and Mavis visited the parents of our son-in law, Bill and Alma. Ian is a retired steam engine driver and loved the chance to travel on this train. Naturally, when we introduced himself to the driver of the train, he was invited to travel in the engine.

The engine arrives in Gympie to join the train

On the way to Imbil

Stops at various stations for refreshments

Ian is busy stoking the fire. He loved it.

The train stops at Imbil

The train leaves Gympie at 10 AM and takes two hours to Imbil. It arrives at 12 Noon and stops for an hour for people to have lunch in one of the country pubs or coffee shops.

The locomotive is then shunted to the other back of the train and at 1PM it leaves Imbil to return to Gympie by 3 PM. All in all a very enjoyable trip.

Find out more about the Mary Valley Rattler here. Bookings are essential.

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  1. This looks like an enjoyable trip!
    Also enjoyed your movies about SWL. You have done very well, brought back many memories. Thanks Bill.


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