12 October 2009

Repair of En-suite wall

Quite sometime ago, we discovered some water damage on the outside wall of our en-suite. After putting the problem in the 'too hard basket' for way too long, we finally got a builder to have a look and make suggestions of how we can fix the problem.

I removed some of the 'ship-lap' cladding to show the builder what is behind. We considered replacing the cladding but it is extremely hard to get. So, we decided to do what our neighbour across the street did when he built his house, he made a corrugated feature wall. So that's what we told our builder Steve to do. He came, measured, ordered the materials and came today to fit it.
First, he removed all the ship-lap cladding and cleaned the wall beneath.
Then he fitted the new corrugated steel around the window and side flashing to make sure no water can get into the wall anymore.
This left me to paint the existing exhaust stack.
And the en-suite wall is completed and waterproofed.


  1. Nice one Dad. That looks great.

    Bit of a nice feature wall.

    David (S-I-L)

  2. And it doesn't look too bad at all even though I was aprehensive at first.


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