18 October 2009

In my next life

In my next life, I want to live in Traunstein in Germany and work for the Wochinger brewery.
I just read in the weekend edition of the Courier Mail, that in the Wochinger brewery in Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany, a century-old agreement decrees that every month, each worker receives an allowance of 70 liters of beer. (Just over 18 gallons). I assume they get paid as well.

Now that's what I call good working conditions.

Prosit - Cheers....


  1. Bill

    I'll join you. I have started packing. Yes, I'm sure that we will also get our Deutsche Marks - they are quite generous in Bavaria! We could sing "Lili Marlene" as a duo? That's bound to bring in extra loot!
    Ah yes - joy for us all in Bavaria.
    Slobbering "HB"

  2. Is this for real? If it is, each employee drinks more than 2 liters of beer EVERY SINGLE DAY. Which means they must be drunk 24/7. Wow, what a way to work!

  3. I would rather work in a chocolate factory.

  4. Hi Bill. There is also a brewery in Königseggwald, Baden-Württemberg, Germany where you can buy a share and you'll get bonuses in the form of beer! Great idea!


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