Fort Lytton

11 September 2009

Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek

Windjana Gorge and the water caves of Tunnel Creek


  1. Great shots in the tunnel even though you were in pain with sandpapered feet.

  2. So, how close WAS that crocodile? And how were you sure he didn't have friends in the water you all were wading in or in the darkness of the cave??! Yikes!

  3. Just love it....looks a fabulous place...back to nature...back to the beginning of time. would love to see these beautiful places you get to...good on yer...xx Alma and Bill

  4. oooh that sounds painful "sandpapered feet". Gee you two have sen some things haven"t you. This looks like such a great trip. It's a beautiful country you live in! Your movies are great Dad!!!


  5. Hi Utah Grammie,
    It was a fresh-water crocodile. They are not eating people, unless threatened. We were not doing that so they just looked at us. In a later video you'll see a salt-water crocodile heading towards our boat, now they ARE eating people when they're hungry. But we escaped.


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