06 July 2009

The greatest Tennis Player in History

Roger Federer became tennis's greatest men's champion, watched by millions around the globe, to claim tennis's holy grail the world's number one tennis event, the Wimbledon crown.

It was also a record 15th Grand Slam title for the Swiss master, overhauling the total of Pete Sampras who was in the Royal Box along with fellow legends Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver.

Roger with tennis's holy grail the Wimbledon Cup

Andy Roddick attacks

Federer claims victory

Pete Sampras later said of Roger:" He is a great champion and a good guy. He is very humble, which I like." Pete later predicted that Federer, who is still only 27, can go and get more Grand Slam records. Winning the event brought Roger Federer back to No 1 position.

Well Colin, I hope you like that blog, just for you!
(Photos - Wimbledon Web Site)


  1. Oh William ( Tell ) Bohlen
    After sitting up for all those long hours and watching the magic - Thank you.
    Now find out how many cows and calves he has -first cow after his first Wimbledon win. According to my reasoning ( please correct from Colorada that's you Linda "Life on a Colorada Farm" blog - which I look at daily!) he should be the proud owner of a Swiss Dairy Farm. Just shows there is life after tennis!
    Oh by the way Linda - how the hell is that RIR rooster?
    You know if not breeding, that attacking thing is completely useless. The hens will lay more eggs!
    Lets have some "Federer cows" and chook comments!
    As Lleyton Hewitt says - "C'mon C'mon"!!!

    Now to sleep normal hours!

  2. Fedex is my fav...
    Nice to have come across your blog.. :)
    Nice blog u have... :)


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