Fort Lytton

14 June 2009

Nature's Paintbox

My mate Martin sent me this beautiful slide show, too good to pass by....

Mother Nature's paintbox spilled onto the landscape....
No other words are necessary, just enjoy


  1. Oh those beautiful pictures! The top one especially. I have only seen mountains of flowers once and that was in May in Carlsbad, California. I went to meet my cousin there for the weekend and I had no idea they harvest flowers there. The whole place smelled Wonderful! But to see them just as wild flowers must be incredible.

  2. Beautiful pics. I would like to run through the flowers.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to be a photographer!!

  4. What a gorgeous world we live in!

  5. Do you know how has taken the photo?

    They are really really good! So nice fantastic colors, ´thank you or showing us, MB


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