15 April 2009

New TV Antenna

Diane and I have different TV preferences, so sometime our programs clash. We live in an area where TV reception is pretty crummy so we, (I, I guess) decided it was time to go digital. So this morning Michael from the Antenna people came and checked our reception and installed a brand new digital antenna. So now we can watch one channel and record another. The question remains: Who's program are we going to watch and who's are we going to record?

Michael on the roof checking the signals

He has a special gadget to measure where the best reception is.

Our new digital antenna

Will it make both of us happy?

Probably not during a football (soccer) match!


  1. We did not exchange the antennae, but the TV!
    anyway, I know a couple they have two TVs side by side and listen with earphones; what do you think of that?(I think it is hilarious but as long as it keeps the peace.)

  2. Listen to the cheif poo bah of the TV remote control!!!!However if it is soccer I want to watch live you will be recording your show.
    "She who must be obeyed."

  3. Ha ha, our compromise to that eternal question is to both fall asleep before either of our preferred programmes start! Then it's just a question of who wakes up later to turn everything off.....

    Seriously though, listen to "she who must be obeyed" and all wilbo fine.

    I finally got the digital antenna a while ago and it's great, except that 98% of my TV viewing is done out on the back verandah with the ancient portable telly with the bunny ears!

  4. My hubby watches a program for about 4 minutes - then changes the channel. Watches that one...for about 4 minutes, then..well you get the picture. That's why I go in my room and read blogs like yours - he can't change these channels!!

  5. Record the best show and send it to me! heheh I think it is a universal argument: he who controls the remote, controls all. Dad, I have inherited your command of the remote. If Dave insists on watching something, I simply wait for him to fall asleep and then change the channel... When he wakes up, his first question is "what happened?"

  6. night night off to bed now... It's 11.30pm. zzzzz


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