22 February 2017

Time for a Move

I've been very slack blogging lately. I much prefer FaceBook these days. I find it quicker and a bit  more personal. I've always been negligent in commenting on other blogs my apologies for that.

As you've probably seen on Diane's blog, there are moves afoot in the Bohlen camp. For weeks we had debated should we or shouldn't we. Moving, that is. Daughter Carol came up from Sydney and together we compared the pros and cons. Eventually the pros won hands down.

So we're leaving this:

For this:

We have sold number 45 and we are buying number 36, a brand new 3-bedroom unit at Elements Living right next to the Daisy Hill Koala Park. When we have moved in, I'll blog about the unit.

This will happen late March. IN the meantime I am very busy selling stuff on Gumtree. What we can't sell, we'll sell at a Garage Sale on the 18 March and what doesn't get sold ends up in a skip.



  1. I used to enjoy your blog posts and comments on mine and other blogs. I feel obliged to look at FB, but I can't say I like it much. Point: I save FB for family, so we will never connect on FB. I remember your daughter assisted with the redecoration for your downstairs area. All history now. I looked at the video of where you are moving to and it looks great.

    1. Thanks Andrew. As soon as we've moved in, I'll post another video of the new place.

  2. Moving is never fun, but it looks as if you are going to a very nice facility. Good luck with the 'fun and games' of selling things you don't take with you.


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