25 December 2013

A very Merry Aussie Christmas

We were told that we would have to be at the Curry household at 7 AM this morning. A bit hard as our B&B doesn't serve breakfast until 8.30 AM.Oh well, we skipped brekkie and were there just on 7.00, the children were awake but the parents were not. However when they heard the car, there was movement. Immediately the children wanted to open Santa's presents but they were told, not until 7 o'clock.

Then it was on:

The children lined up behind the barricade youngest ones first

Santa brought Fox another box of cars, what else.

He was proudly showing off his new collection

Banjo digs deep into Santa's bag for his share

He sure does.

Banjo plays with his new train set Santa brought him
Meanwhile in the garage, Santa had set up a drum kit, a present for James (12), but Fox got into the action as well and I was very impressed, he sounded very good for aged 3 and the first time on a drum set. perhaps a future Mick Fleetwood in the making. We offered Sonya and Bernie we'd buy him a set for next Christmas, but that was answered with glassy stares. Well, maybe not.

Fox on drums with James looking on worried
Then around mid-afternoon the back garden was prepared for Christmas dinner which consisted of 13 adults and 8 children. Sullivan Stapleton, another Hollywood actor joined us. We had traditional Aussie Christmas food, prawns, turkey and pork,  potato bake, potato salad, peach salad, pumpkin pie and for dessert, plum pudding, custard, ice cream, pavlova and rocky road. No dinner for me tonight.

The weather was very kind to us, perfect sky, perfect temperature.
Backyard setting for a perfect day
The blogger enjoyed a couple of glasses of French Rose
The ladies had argued whether French Champagne was better or worse than Australian bubbly, so it was decided to have a blind tasting amongst them. Jason poured five glasses of bubbly, 3 French and two Aussies and let them taste it. Sonya and Kate correctly identified the wines and it was decided that the French champagnes won by a very small margin.
Sonys samples the bubbly and picked them correctly

After dinner, we had a Kris Kringle session with Grandpa Neville acting as Santa.

Santa Neville handing out the presents

Banjo scored a set of Maraccas

As did Fox
Tomorrow Boxing Day, Carol and David arrive from Sydney (via Brisbane) to join us for a couple of days. More after….