30 March 2015

A New Office

We have decided to hold a U3A class here at our place as the library meeting room was not available at the time we want to hold the Movie Making Classes. So we had to renovate my office from where I ran my business for many years. It may not look it, but for us it was a major task.

You do accumulate a lot of junk over the years.

A very cluttered office - All had to go
First, I spent a lot of time shredding old business files, invoices and contracts and other sensitive documents.
Shredding old documents

We collected lots of boxes, to store stuff we were going to keep. Other boxes were filled with stuff to go to the dump. We have new neighbours in the street behind us, he runs a Handyman's outfit. He agreed to take everything to the local tip for us.

All the desks and drawers are going
Geoff, the neighbour came with his offsides to load up everything to go to the tip. He filled up his truck and trailer.

As it happened, our Interior Designer daughter Carol-Ann was up from Sydney, working in her Brisbane Office but was staying with us. She offered to design my new office in a way that it can be transferred into a classroom whenever I have students.

Carol-Ann designs my new Office/Classroom
The old carpet was worn out where my chair was at my desk, so it needed replacing. We got a carpet layer in to rip the old carpet out and replace it with new carpet tiles.
The carpet layer at work
We had asked the painter who painted our house last year to come and paint the new office. He came, gave us a price and we told him to go ahead. Then he told us he couldn't do it for at least three weeks. Well, that's no good as I start teaching classes in two weeks. Diane mentioned it to Carol in passing and to our surprise, Carol suggested she and David would come up from Sydney on the weekend and paint it for us. We gladly accepted their kind offer.

Of course you have to have some fun

Carol and David at work, painting the new office
 So, finally my new office/classroom is ready for work. Just need to hang some paintings.

Option A - My Office
 I only ever take 8 students for my 5-week U3A Movie Making Course
Option B - The Classroom
I'm set up

Today my brand new iMac is being delivered. I'm ready for my first students