28 June 2014

Still in Adelaide

It's freezing in Adelaide. We had heavy rain all through the night. When we woke the rain had stopped but it's still windy and cold. Carol has joined us last night so we decided this morning to visit the nearby Art Gallery of South Australia,to take in some art and to keep warm.

So here are some picture I've taken on our exploration of this fair city. For you art lovers out there, you may or may not recognise some of the artists. I didn't bother writing down names of the exhibits or the artists. Sorry.

On the way we stopped for breakfast, during which we got an iPhone lesson from our daughter.

'..then yo press that button mum.'

Strange fountains outside the Art Gallery

Art Gallery of South Australia

We bumped into the washer woman in the art gallery
 Thie following is a sculpture by a Swiss artist using screws and nails. I do hope he got them wholesale.
Nail sculpture by a Swiss artist
 This one projects two faces onto a screen but the due sculptures themselves look like nothing at all.

Never worked out the purpose of this one.

Not sure but the one below looks like it could be Tony Whatshisface, the budgysmuggler from Canberra

We're going out to dinner tonight at the Balcony. More later.