19 May 2013

Milla Milla Falls and Paronella Park

This morning, we're doing a 'Eco-Certified' scenic Tableland tour with spectacular views of the Mulgrave Valley, to Milla Milla Falls and a visit to Paronella Park, built by a Spanish immigrant in the 1930s..

Milla Milla Falls

Paronella Park
 José Paronella arrived in Australia from Catalonia in Spain, in 1913. For the next 11 years he worked, cutting sugar cane initially, then purchasing, improving, and reselling cane farms. In 1924 he returned to Spain and married Margarita in 1925. The trip back to Australia was their honeymoon.

First they built a house to live in, then they started on the Castle itself. Apart from the house, which is made of stone, all of the structures were constructed of poured, reinforced concrete, the reinforcing being old railway track.
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