14 February 2011

The Cats are Back

Great News, The City Cats are back

Most of Brisbane's CityCat and CityFerry services have resumed yesterday morning following last month's devastating floods.

Fifteen of the city's 23 ferry terminals are back online, after many suffered major damage and some were washed away during flooding on January 13.
The Brisbane river services employ about 180 operating staff.

The first upstream CityCat service departed from Apollo Road at 5.25am yesterday, while the first downstream service left the Guyatt Park terminal at St Lucia at 5.40am.
Services are expected to run every 12 to 13 minutes for most of the day.

The beloved City Cats are sailing up the Brisbane River

People are very happy to see the Cats back in service

Quite a sight, the flotilla of City Cats returning

The Cats in single file

Pictures taken from Brisbane Times - Read More


  1. It would have been joyous to see. PS Your link doesn't go to the exact page.

  2. But Campbell was saying today that he wants the PM to pay for the ferries, yet they are already back in operation. I read today, too, that the ecoli in the river is very extreme.

    I am okay with the levy covering the water and sewage damage, and even the ferry damage. But I don't think the levy should cover the riverwalk damage. That is not essential infrastructure.

    I will not get hit by the levy, so I calculated what I would have had to pay should I still have been working, and donated that to Captain Bligh on top of my ordinary donation. I don't see what all the fuss is about. One way of looking at it is that most of the increase in population of QLD is sea-changers from Vic and NSW.

  3. Hi Bill, I have been visiting Diane's blog for quite a while and am glad to be stopping by. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I am going to put you on my blog roll so that I can visit more often.

  4. Hi Bill, that is a magnificent sight to behold. I'm glad the City Cats are back!


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